House Rules

Just a list of house rules I have going so far, feel free to comment/suggest other rules.

List of House rules:

1) Natural 1’s and 20’s doesn’t constitute an auto succeed/failure instead it is -10/+10

2) Crits don’t need to be confirmed To clarify NATURAL 20 crits don’t need to be confirmed, weapons with improved threat ranges need to confirm, so a long sword doesn’t auto crit on 19 for example

3) Massive damage rules are waived

4) Non-epic immunities do not work against epic sources. I.E. Protection from alignments won’t protect you from epic mind affecting spells
More clarification: Epic spells refers to the spell that are custom created and need an epic feat and spell craft check. All immunities still apply against stock 1-9 spells even if they have been augmented to 10th level slots

5) Freedom of Movements grabs +20 to resist Grappling instead of immunity

6)You die at negative con score rather than negative 10.

Skill Mergers:

1)Spot/Listen → Perception

2)Hide/Move Silently → Stealth

3)Open Lock/Disable Device → Thievery

4)Climb/Jump/Swim → Athletics

Epic destinies

House Rules

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