Merrix d'Cannith

"At least I'm finally done with politics."


While the combined forces of the Five Nations and the Dragonmarked Houses continued to lose ground against the aberrant invasion, Merrix eventually became the leader of House d’Cannith (the “Great Gorgon”) purely by default, his other two competitors for the titles dead. His first order to the entire House was for all that could to fall back to Sharn, where all the artificers and magewrights could combine their efforts to develop ways to fend off the forces of madness.

When the host of dolgaunt, dolgrim and other foul creations from the twisted consciousnesses of Xoriat finally arrived at the base of the City of Towers, Merrix finished assembling what would be Cannith’s last hope: four dozen warforged titans armed with huge vicious blades forged from byeshk. Even this, of course, meant next to nothing against the endless swarm of aberrations flooding Sharn, and much of the rest of Khorvaire.

Merrix was amongst the mere handful of Sharnites evacuated by Lyrandar elemental galleons while the towers collapsed under the weight of the assault. From there they flew to Thrane, where the last pocket of natural life remained on Khorvaire. There, along with the remaining Zilargo artificers and members of House Lyrandar, the “spelljammers” were built, ferrying the survivors to the world floating where the Ring of Syberis once was.

Flying upon the spelljammer christened “The Great Gorgon” at his behest, Merrix, the crew and refugees, and the rest of the evacuation fleet soon landed upon Toril, at the city of Silverymoon…

Merrix d'Cannith

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