Jilan cygni


Long, straight white hair falls down to the small of her back. About 5’6’’, 110lbs, she is seemingly frail. She looks like an arctic elf, with pale white-blue skin, pale grey eyes, and slight in frame. But her celestial blood is immediately evident, with a skin complexion that glistens as if it had a thin layer of frost on it, and 4 graceful wings sprouting from her back. She is of incredible beauty, and many who have seen her have called her the “Snow Angel”.


Jilan was born to a small, remote village on the Great Glacier. Her mother was the widow of the former tribe chieftain. When she got pregnant, nobody knew who the father could be, as she hadn’t left her hut for 2 years, only talking to others who brought her food. The child that was born was clearly celestial in blood, as her small feathered wings were a dead giveaway.

Jilans childhood was very similar to that of her peers, but her abilities gave her a far greater advantage than her friends. She quickly had a following within the community, with a number of members wishing she were the new chieftainess despite her youth. Her spellcasting capabilities in the wild were unmatched, and her natural leadership abilities were unquestionable, but the current chieftain had to be willing to step aside, which he was completely unwilling to do. Though she had no urge to take the throne, she was challenged by the chieftain to a duel for leadership of the clan. If Jilan lost, she would be banished from the tribe. She refused to duel as infighting amongst the clan would help no-one. She picked up her hunting gear and flew even farther north, until she was directly below the North Star. She spent a decade on the ice sheet, suriving and learning the ways of the ice. It is while in her exile she found the glory that is Aengrist. She realized through His work, her tribe as well as all the peoples of the North could live without fear of starving or dying during the long, harsh winters. She patrolled the vast tundra, particularly around encampments. Hunters would find dead polar bears or other such beasts slain by a longsword arond their camp.

One day while patrolling the frozen wastes, a large landmass filled the sky. Migratory birds and other animals began acting oddly, and Jilan knew that this new land bode ill omens. She flew back to her old tribe with one goal in mind: to convince the chief that the current way of life will no longer be the same. Upon arriving in her home village, she found it delapitated and on the verge of collapse. The chieftain was indeed strong and none could rival him, but he was unwise and unjust. Jilan told him of her convictions regarding the Sky World. He scoffed and said it was a problem for the southerners. Taking a deep breath, she told him that he will either prepare for the worst, or she will take his chair. He reiterated his proposal for a duel, which Jilan reluctantly agreed to.

In the traditional ways of their ancestors, the combatants entered a ring marked by walrus tusks. The crowd cheered for Jilan for the duration of the fight, which was surprisingly short. The old chief never had time to raise his hammer before Jilan smote him with holy fury. Though her blow was swift and decisive, the chieftain was still alive, albeit frozen in place by unseen forces. Jilan told him that he can surrender with his honor intact and help her defend the village, or he could let his pride get in the way and die. He opted for the latter, saying that he will kill her for making him appear weak. While Jilan detested the killing of her fellow clansmen, she knew he would make trouble in such an important indever. She hugged him while she slid her sword into his heart, and as his eyes began to glaze she whispered into his ear “I am sorry for this. May Aengrist keep you safe through the impending darkness”

With nothing to hodl her or her tribe back, she immediately told everyone that they must head south if they are to arm themselves properly. Though many were saddened to leave the Glacier, she pointed out the animals no longer behave as they once did, and the hunts will not be enough to keep them alive. She moved the clan off the Great Glacier to Damara, a province that was not covered in ice and snow year round, but still cold enough that the tribesmen were comfortable. Here they stocked up on weapons and armor in return for cold magics and hard labor. The going was tough, but after 4 years the clan is well armed, and has found aerial comrades in the form of Raptorans. The local Raptoran clan had spoke of a guardian goddess who lived in the North Star, and while not Raptoran, had wings of tremendous beauty and would protect them from evil.

With preperations made, Jilan made the difficult decision to retreat to the Glacier. She saw many others who had thought similar to her prepare for a battle with the inhabitants of the cities on the Sky World, and she thought it would be best to take her prepared followers back north and try to avoid the battle. After two years, she had a sizeable keep made of ice built on the Great Glacier. She dedicated herself to protecting the inhabitants of the Glacier from outside forces, accepting small barbarian tribes who swore allegiance to Jilan and to the defense of the castle.

One night in the middle of winter, a Raptoran patrol found a large vessel that had crashed into the ice nearby the keep. Jilan and a cadre of soldiers went to investigate. Most of the occupants were dead, scattered across the landscape but concentrated around what appeared to be a long metal boat that lay crumpled and deformed on the ice. Further forays into the ship found that captain unconcsious, still gripping the steering wheel. He was tall, attractive, golden skinned, and winged. He was brought back to the castle with the few remaining survivors and Jilan healed them with her divine powers.

When the captain awoke, he informed Jilan that he was her father, and had conceived her with her mother in her greatest grief so that she may find a reason to live again. But he also warned of an invasion of the Sky World called Eberron by creatures bent on the destruction of their land, and that this world is the next to fall. He offers his ship to aid in the defense of Faerun and informs her that the plan was to evacuate their world using these “Spelljammer” ships, and that he was the last to leave, but the monsters damaged his ship in the escape and he was knocked off course, crashing into the ice here. He pledged his sword and powers to his daughter, because this was her world to defend.

with the ship badly damaged, 5 years of repairs begin. The ships hull was almost comlpetely scraped away by the ice, and the engines were almost completely unsalvageable. It is repaired with great difficulty and is time consuming. Once it was up and running, the first destination is Silverymoon, which was the predetermined rally point for all ships. The Snow Angel informs the leading generals and decision makesrs that her castle is available for use as a northern defense post. The generals told her that her crew and ship were uniquely adapted for the cold, and that they should patrol the north. She complied for 12 years, never seeing any action or receiving any orders from her superiors. The crew grew restless, and she assured them that the threat was real. The events in the sky proved the enemy was moving to atatck, she argued, and any day they would engage in battle. But she had her own doubts too, as though she could feel the power of her god, she could no longer feel his love, which sent an unnerving chill down her spine.

A messenger arrived to tell them that a fleet of spelljammer ships returned from the outer planes after a year away on exploration duties. The invasion of Faerun had begun, and all creatures of every plane and alignment (besides the demons of the Abyss) had signed a pact to repel the unknown invaders. Though the crew cheered at the prospect of battle, Jilan remained silent. She knew that a threat that could unite celestials and devils, elves and drow, humans and illithids, and everything in between was something that could obliterate everything she loved. Jilan was the only one who cried that night…

Jilan cygni

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