Zenobaal, Prophecy Incarnate

Pre-invasion History:Few dragons alive today comprehend the Prophecy as well as Zenobaal. Devoted to study as a youth, Zenobaal mastered potent magic to create a wondrous planar orrery among the clouds, so close to the sky he could almost reach out and touch those burning spheres of Prophecy above. As an adult, Zenobaal did great works. He shared his awe-inspiring insights into the Prophecy with other dragons, and he sought to use his understanding to better the world for all the races that shared it.

Whether the inevitability of the Prophecy slowly rotted away his ideals, or one dread discovery suddenly broke his spirit is unknown, but as a wyrm, Zenobaal withdrew from the world. The great silver dragon sequestered himself in his remote cloud citadel, repelling all visitors. Rumors claim he even rebuked an offer to join the Eyes of Chronepsis, the first to do so in ten thousand years. For a millennia no soul laid eyes on him. He remained locked within his orrery day and night. When Zenobaal fi nally emerged, he sealed the orrery with wards so potent they say even he cannot breach them. Many believed then that Zenobaal turned his back on the Prophecy, but the staggering truth of his motivations became apparent when the silver dragon began carving elaborate dragonmarks deep into his own hide. His markings are indecipherable even to experienced sages, and many would like to think of the marks as meaningless self-mutilation. Still, it is clear that they grant him tremendous power.

Zenobaal’s mind bears scars of the Prophecy as well. Now in his citadel among the clouds, he obsessively watches other dragons for signs of those who seek to unravel the Prophecy’s threads as he once did. When someone comes too close for comfort to whatever fell discoveries he protects, Zenobaal sees to their swift demise. In his heart, the Prophecy can be mastered by none other than himself. Zenobaal believes he is the Prophecy’s physical incarnation on Eberron, he claims he is descended from the Progenitors, and he believes that one day the world shall end and he will see it reborn from his own flesh. Many lesser dragons scoff at his doomsday predictions, mocking the “mad, scarred dragon whose brain flew to the clouds and never came back.” Other, older dragons remember the Zenobaal they knew a few thousand years ago—a peerless scholar of the Prophecy whose insights were as terrifying as they were wondrous. His contemporaries grow uneasy at Zenobaal’s mention now, half saddened by the great scholar’s descent into mad ravings of apocalypse, half afraid he sees a truth beyond their own grasp.

Post-invasion History: Zenobaal believes that the prophecy has been fulfilled with the invasion of the old ones. He also firmly believes that he must survive so that Eberron may be reborn in his flesh. Wether this is true or just the ravings of a mad dragon remains to be seen. None the less he evacuated Eberron in disguise and quickly worked his way into the top ranks of the resistances claiming that he must speak for Eberron. Klauth is especially wary of Zenobaal since he is the first dragon in a long time who may be a threat to him. Though Zenobaal has shown no interest in conflict with the red dragon

Zenobaal, Prophecy Incarnate

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