This is a brief history of what happened in the campaign. The left year is in forgotten realms reckoning and the right is in Ebberon time. Feel free to edit for grammar and point out the massive plot holes that I overlooked.

1372/998YK Present day Abeir Toril/Eberron

1373/999YK Eberron: Reports of Dolgaunts and Dolgrim sightings begin to flood in all over the five nations.

1374/1000YK Eberron: The Dolgaunts begin to organize. The cult of the dragon below allies with the aberrations.

1375/1001YK Eberron: A coordinated attack against one of the planar seals protecting eberron from Xoriat is launched. The Gatekeepers with the help of Oalian look to be winning the battle, when a figure that appears as a diseased, women shaped black hole emerged from the ranks and slew Olian.

1376/1002YK Eberron: Without its strongest champion the gatekeepers are swiftly defeated. The rest of the 5 nations mysteriously remain unaware of what has transpired.

1377/1003YK Eberron: The final seal is broken, and Xoriat becomes coterminus for the first time in 9000 years. Daelkyr begin streaming into the world. and the sky becomes a swirling cacauphony of coulours.

1378/1004YK Eberron: The Daelkyr head into the Mournlands and attack the Lord of blades. every attack there are reports of the strange woman at the head of the charge.

1379/1005YK Eberron: The lord of blades falls and a beam of the same swirling colour is seen shooting straight up out of the mournlands. A portal opens up.

1380/1006YK Eberron: Within one year the portal grows to be larger than eberron. The 5 nations are managing to survive the daelkyr assault, though they are losing ground daily.

1381/1007YK Eberron: The world of eberron is pulled through the portal Faerun: A huge celestial body appears in the sky’s above Toril. The backlash of this event causes massive earthquakes in toril. The underdark is practically destroyed. Only pockets of tunnels remain and the drow city of Ched Nasad, is the only city to survive.

1386/1012YK Eberron: All life in eberron is on the verge of extinction. The last of all the survivors retreat to thrane. The last of the lyrandar house create airships dubbed spelljammers and a mass evacuation begins to the strange new world that appeared in the night sky. Faerun: The greatest minds of Faerun are all racing to be the first to explain/explore the planet that has appeared in orbit. Plane travel becomes impossible for some unknown reason

1387/1013YK Eberron: The evacuation complete eberron is now completely deserted except for the daelkyr and their minions. Only 100 000 thousand souls were saved from eberron Faerun: A mass exodus of ships land outside Silverymoon and the story of what happened is passed on.

1400/1026YK Faerun: The expected immediate attack never came. Expeditions to eberron never returned.

1401/1027YK Faerun: Eberron turns completely black and the first of what have since been dubbed the great old one appears. The beast is the size of a moon and looks like a gigantic, whitish worm with a huge maw and eyes made of dripping globules of blood it is dubbed Rlim Shaikorth. Eberron turns back to “normal” after it is through

1402/1027YK Faerun: Over the course of the year 3 more great old ones come through the portal. They are dubbed Aphoom-Zhah, Byatis and Cthugha. The outer planes are drawn to the beings and begin to orbit them. though the being themselves seem to be dormant.

1403/1028YK Faerun: The outer planes are visible in the night sky and it has been discovered they can be traveled to with the spelljammers. exploration parties are sent to the planes while Elminster takes a ship to view the beings who came through the portals.

1404/1029YK Faerun: The travelers to the outer planes make contact with a celestial lord known as Barachiel the Messenger. He reveals that the gods have all disapeared. They exploded into formless divine energy when Eberron emerged in the night sky and though people could continue to draw power from this energy the deities themselves no longer have sentience. Barachiel also revealed that they lost all contact with the material planes some years ago. During the silence the demons spured on by some unknown power escaped the abyss and began laying siege to the other planes. The demons were aided by beings no one had ever seen (the daelkyr) . A new pact primevil was formed in the gods absence and all the races of the planes united and are managing to hold them at bay.

1405/1030YK Faerun: Elminster returns at the head of a fleet of spelljammers. He has been horribly mutated and begins the invasion of Faerun.

1410/1040YK Faerun: The combined efforts of all the inhabitants of faerun and the extraplanar beings are engaged in a war for the survival of existence.

1411/1041YK Faerun: The campaign begins…


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