Party Role

So you guys will be one of several groups formed by the resistance. These groups for the most part will work independently and often go without orders for several months or sometimes years. These groups were formed to be separate from the primary fighting.

These groups primary task are to determine how the old ones escaped, and how to seal them away or destroy them if possible.

The groups secondary goals are to determine what happened to the gods, determine the status of the other planes, deliver guerrila strikes against important tactical positions held by the enemies, determine what happened to Eberron and if there are still survivors holding out, and determine the identity of the strange woman who led the charge on Eberron.

On a more direct party note, Jilan was allowed to keep the ship in order to facilitate this goal and the rest of you are assigned/ended up on traveling on the ship. You have a license to kill (insert Bond music).

It’s up to you guys to decide how/why you ended up as part of this task force

Party Role

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