Twohvritturnuroth, a black dragon druid


Twohvritturnuroth is a friend of Kearmrithkorth, and an ally to Othocintlydavarei; he is a druid and a direct descendant of Vvaeaak, the black dragon to teach the orcs nature magic. He is a little younger then Kearmrithkorth and thocintlydavarei, but not by much.

He was raised in the Argonnessen, in the black dragon flight, and showed an affinity with nature magic at an early age. He felt the the environment in Argonnessen was to controlled by his fellow dragons and left (marking himself a renegade). He settled in the Lhazaar Principlities, on a decently sized, uninhabited island where he can be one with nature.

He later ran into Kearmrithkorth and Othocintlydavarei, the two local dragons. He and Kearmrithkorth are friends (both sharing a love for nature).

He was the one to guide Kearmrithkorth and Othocintlydavarei to the Eldeen Reaches, when the war started; he left Eberron with Kearmrithkorth and Othocintlydavarei, knowing that there was nothing they could do for Eberron then.


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