The Iron Golem


Sigils first memory is waking up in the middle of a spinning cog on the plane of Mechanus. Alone, with nothing but the Eternal Clockwork surrounding him, he spent 10 years walking in one direction looking for someone or something. He pondered if he was the only being in existance, and wondered who placed these cogs in the middle of nowhere. He also pondered what would he do if he found anyone, and what they would think of him. Eventually, he came across what appeared to be a portal in the middle of a cog, and decided to step through. He found himself in a small blacksmiths shop in a bustling city. When the blacksmith saw him, Sigil asked, “what is this?” in reference to himself, but the blacksmith thought he was talking about the city and said “Sigil”. The Iron Golem decided to keep watch over the old smithy, for he had nowhere else to go, and the old man kept him in good condition, and helped improve his design. After many years and the passing of his friend, Sigil still remained in the shop, keeping the wares sharp and free of rust. One day, a wizard popped his head in the door, and uttered the usual words to take command of a golem, and since Sigil had really no other priorities, he simply played along with the mortals orders.

The wizard was apparently a student in the local mages school, and taking control of an iron golem was something to impress the older mages. They marvelled at his improvements and his strength, though some of them may have suspected more was at work in the head of the golem. He worked tirelessly doing the mages bidding, which was usually mundane tasks or fighting against other mages summons. When the mage died of old age, Sigil was given to another mage to sell on the Material Plane. He was transported to Calimsham and sold to the blossoming Law aligned government there, and was desginated Enforcer 11758925. His skill with crossbows was unequalled, and his strength, spell immunities, and toughness made him perfect for appredhending criminals and those who did not follow the Law.

On one sting operation of a Chaos cell in the undercity of Calimsham, Sigils entire squad was killed except for him. Once he had mopped up all of the cultists, he pondered what he should do. He did not receive orders to return to base, only to apprehend or kill cultists, which he had accomplished. He then left Calimsham in search of something else to do.

The events taking place in the sky did not trouble Sigil, he just thought that it was something that happened every once in a while, and that the people around him were uneducated in the ways of the cosmos, and were overreacting. His belief system is rather simple: Chaos is merely an ordered course of actions where the pattern is infintely complex, and whose guiding parameters can never be determined. As far as he is concerned, chaos is just the over-the-top side of Law. Sigil prefers simple, as simple usually works best.

As he endlessly walked across Toril, he met many strange peoples and beasts. Many friendly, some not so much. During his adventures, he finally came to the realisation that he is sentient, and need not follow the orders of others for its own sake. The next person who tried to take possession of him was an evil sorceror, whom Sigil promptly shot in the feet and hands, nailing him to the wall and floor. Sigil walked up to him and said “I am Sigil. I will not be your slave”, and then left him to escape.

After many years wandering, he found himself in Silverymoon, where he saw many flying ships hovering above. While in a town market he got into a scuffle with a drunken barbarian, and though Sigil easily won, he still suffered some minor damage. A peculiar artificer who saw the fight offered to repair him, which Sigil agreed to. Sigil was instantly reminded of the old blacksmith who was the first person he met, and who’s time was spent with was probably the best in Sigils recollection. The humans hands were odd compared to others, and he could tell the artificer was more like Sigil than like other humans. He decided to follow the odd man, and form a mutually beneficial relationship with him. He now finds himself fighting for existance alongside a dragon, an illithid, and the closest thing he has to a friend.


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