The War growing ever more costly, tauric defenders were brought to the field.

Shinning plate and lance crashed through tides of undead or held back summoned monstrosities many times their size. Now over a hundred years after the Last War a few remain ready to form the charge again.

Tauric Defender, Warforged(Living Construct)

Full BAB d8 F+R-W+
Proficiencies: Lance, Hvy Mace, Longspear, simple weapons. Heavy armor. Light and Heavy sheilds.

Skills: 2+Int Climb, Craft, Intimidate, Jump, Swim

Tauric Body: A Tauric Defender has normal warforged traits except as noted here.

A Tauric Defender has a centaur like body that gives Stability(Ex) and a 30’ base land speed.
Land speed increases to 40’ at 3rd and 50’ at 4th. Carrying capacity is calculated as a quadraped.

A TD Benefits from mounted combat feats & class features as if mounted.
The TD may not use the Ride skill on himself.

Hooves: At 2nd level a TD gains two natural hoof attacks dealing 1d4+1/2 str damage each.
When full attacking, it may use both hooves as secondary attacks with a -5 penalty each,
but no penalty on the primary attack.

Plating: At 3rd level the TD’s existing plating increases by it’s Con. modifier
(minimum +0).

Growth: A TD grows to Large long at 4th level.

1 Tauric Body, +1 Str, +1 Con
2 Hooves, Powerful Build, B: Ride-By Attack
3 Plating, Spd 40’, +1Str, +1 Con
4 Growth, Spd 50’, B: Close-Quarters Fighting


Aloof from his brothers on and off the field, Pony was so dubbed for his factory flawed, thicker than normal legs. With a tendency to break line or forge ahead he was expected to be scrap.

He endured. Alone he smashed into larger and larger opponents, holding his own or driving them back to limp back to the lines and have workers swarm over his girth like ants in worship of a battered machine god. When the war ended he went to Xend’Rik. Group after group ‘hired’ him only to find out it was Pony who dragged them deeper into the jungle in search of more challenges.

After his last group failed to emerge from the deep jungle they were thought lost despite occasional tales of a metal beast roaming the ruined giant metropolises holding conversations with a voice that came from its chest. Only when the sky darkened and invasion began did Pony return to Stormreach and then the mainland to fight the hordes of daelkyr.

The Last War never far from those who were there fell into comfortable command as old chains were re-forged. Pony was dispatched to Zilargo guard units as Cannith, Lyrandar and the elementalist created new engines of war and destruction to combat the tentacled invasion. Augmented warforged and fused elemental-machines flyed the horrors but it was no match. As the blind worm devoured the world Pony defended those that fled aboard ships and waits to battle again, discussing battle plans with a tinny voice in his chest.


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