Othocintlydavarei, a green dragon wizard


Othocintlydavarei is a female green dragon wizard who left Argonnessen to find her own answers about the draconic prophecy. She is about as old as Kearmrithkorth, but acts with a sense of superiority of an older dragon. When treated with the correct respect, she is a pleasant dragon (as long as you ignore her ego).

She settled on a forested island in the Lhazaar Principlities, which had a cave with a some of the draconic prophecy which personally interests her. She went to the Eldeen Reaches with Kearmrithkorth and Twohvritturnuroth more to satisfy her own curiosity and only joined battles when persuaded to by Kearmrithkorth and Twohvritturnuroth. She left Eberron for very practical reasons; she didn’t like the idea of dying at the hands of the servants of madness (‘they are, after all, beneath her’ as Kearmrithkorth and Twohvritturnuroth would say jokingly).


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