An old Eberron Bronze dragon


Kearmrithkorth (Day with Danger, if directly translated to draconic) is an old bronze dragon from Eberron. He is about 600 years old, and is fairly average bronze dragon (55ft long, 50 ft wingspan, about 20,000 lb…). He has ten gems inserted into his scales (of the base of his neck) to represent his 10 human ‘children’.

He is a very strong flyer, faster and more maneuverable then most dragons his size. When asked about it, he just smiles and changes the subject. It obvious that there is magic at work, but how much is magic enhancement and how much is his own nature skill?

In combat, he uses his suppier flight speed and maneuverability to keep above, and way from, his enemines and pelts them with his breath weapon. When the time is right, he drive and enters close combat (which normally results in a shower of blood for those below).

While he does have caster abilities, though not as powerful as a wizards, he has enough to buff himself, and others, before combat, making him even more effective.

When not in combat, he favours the form of a middle aged human sailorer. Though he’s a dragron, he enjoys sailor games (like liar’s dice), and even sometimes speaks as if he’s lived on a boat his whole life. Kearmrithkorth is not, however, a pour loser and enjoys playing then game more then winning it… That doesn’t stop him from trying his best, however.

Like most of his dragon kind, he is very patient and doesn’t expect things to work out right away; he does, however, understand the need to rush once in a while. As always, he has his strong dragon pride. He beileives that all natural life has the same right to live as he does and he doesn’t put himself above them. He is, however, 600 years old, so he tends to know what he’s doing and doesn’t enjoyed being second guessed. He is open to debates about plans (‘The young folk think differently then we do. Their short lives gives them a different perspective then ours, so they tend to surpise me with creative ideas that I wouldn’t normally think of.’ is what he says when asked about it from other long lived beings, dragon or otherwise), he is even willing to abmit he is wrong (though rarely) and doesn’t have a problem asking for help.

Even though he has not been in an ocean for some time, he still smells strongly of it.

Interactions with NPC/PC

Klauth confuses Kearmrithkorth. In eberron, the dragons are a lot more mello and arn’t bound by their race’s aliment. He’s meet several reds in his life and have had peaceful conversations with them. In fact, his two closet dragon ‘friends’ is a green and a black dragon. Klauth is just so unlinke the ones he’s met, it unnerves him. Klauth is, however, his elder so he respsects him.

In reference to Klauth reputation, Kearmrithkorth shows him the proper respect, as well as keeps his distance (when possible). He is also aware that Klauth isn’t stupid (very far from it), so he is banking on the fact he’s a vauleable ally (at least for now) and that Klauth will save the probably deadly encounter until a time when Kearmrithkorth is either able to beat Klauth (with allies or by himself) or able to run and hide.

Szass Tam

While in Argonnessen, Kearmrithkorth did meet several dracoliches and as far as he’s concerned, he’s glad there is only a few. Dracoliches bothered him… He doesn’t understand why someone would give up their life for something so boring. As for the shorter lived races, he understands why they’d want to live longer; their lives are so fleeting, after all.

Szass Tam doesn’t bother Kearmrithkorth. In fact, Kearmrithkorth respects him. He’s only a few hundred years, but he’s more powerful then almost of the dragon’s he’s ever met. While he doesn’t agree with his moral stances, Kearmrithkorth doesn’t see how you couldn’t respect someone like that.


Raziel scares the kyber out of Kearmrithkorth. He’s fine with the idea of smiting evil and all, but should a self righteous (and powerful) angel get a choice between life and death for mortals? Kearmrithkorth thinks not, but is smart enough to know its not worth trying to debate that with a self righteous (and powerful) angel.

Storm Silverhand

Kearmrithkorth views ms. Silverhand as the perfect representation of what one of the younger races in capable of doing if they put their heart into it. He has the utmost respect for her and treats her as an equal (which is saying something for a dragon), and as such always calls her ms. Silverhand.


Kearmrithkorth was born in Argonnessen along side with a brother and sister. He technically has several older siblings, but they already moved out of their parents lair by the time he was hatched, so he didn’t really know them. He stayed with his parents for about 100 years, until he moved out to find his own lair and territory.

Since Kearmrithkorth is a bronze, and bronze dragons love the sea or oceans, his new lair was on the borders of the ocean and shared borders with primarily other bronze, green and black dragons; it was also near a cliff so he had a hate/love relationship with a copper dragon. There are also two other reasons why he choose this specific spot: one, it was close to a few tribes of barbarians (which he had regular contact with since he found humanoids very interesting) and two, because it was within an hour of flying to a inland dragon born city.

For the next 200 years, he enjoyed the peace a bronze dragon normally enjoys (save for when the local copper dragon decides to play a joke/prank on him; he won’t, as far as the copper knows, kill him for the pranks when their green and black dragon neighbors probably will). At this point of his life, he’s been curious about Khorvaire for some time (relatively speaking). As life tends to turn out, this also happen to be when a ship from Khorvaire arrives on Argonnessen.

While he was taking a peaceful swim in the ocean, Kearmrithkorth caught sight of a ship. He immediately turns into his favorite sea creature (a dolphin) and follows the ship until it makes landfall. Quickly realizing the barbarians will slaughter the crew before he can question them about Khorvaire (and their intentions), he sneaks out of sight, turns into his natural form, and distracts the closest barbarian tribe. With the crew ‘safe’ inland (where the barbarians won’t travel), he turns into a small bird and follows them, waiting for the chance to talk to them. His plan almost works to… until the crew runs into a dragonborn patrol and is overpowered and captured. Kearmrithkorth knows what the dragonborn will do to humans when they enter the inlands, and he knows the barbarians would of at least made their death quick… So, being the good hearted metal dragon his mother raised, he decides to go rescue them!

(To save time, which i don’t have much of, i’m leaving out a lot of details… If you need more details, feel free to ask).

= he rescued the crew, and happen to also piss off the dracolich ruling the.
= he fled Argonnessen with the crew.
= he spent the next 150 years exploring Khorvaire before settling in the Lhazaar Principlities.
= he used his free time running a shipp company, adopting a human child sever 30 odd years, so he could replace the child and keep up his cover (the child would be sent to another part of Khorvaire).
= During his time in Lhazaar Principlities, he met two other dragons that lived in the area. A black named Twohvritturnuroth (a descendant of Vvaeaak) and a green dragon Othocintlydavarei.
= All three stayed out of the last war, and when the mourning happened, the Kearmrithkorth did join up with some groups to look for survivors; he still has nightmares of what happened (which says a lot of why humans tend to go insane in there).
= When the first seal was broken, Kearmrithkorth, Twohvritturnuroth, and Othocintlydavarei (their dragon senses were tingling) went to the Eldeen Reaches to find out what was happening.
= Kearmrithkorth, Twohvritturnuroth, and Othocintlydavarei fought, with the gatekeepers, a loosing war; they were also used to transport children from the Eldeen Reaches when the found out they couldn’t win the war.
= During the last evacuation, Kearmrithkorth didn’t take any survivors with him; instead, following an instinct, he went to the Mournland. What he found was an army of aberations waiting for him.
= He then, with his two dragon friends and some mortal survivors, fled Eberron on human made ships to a place called Silverymoon.
= Kearmrithkorth spent the next 30 years working with the ‘Toil’ people to find out what the old ones are, how to get rid of them, and find out what happened to Eberron.
= During his travels, he ended up on a ship ran by a half-celestial, and he just stuck around her.


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