Call of Madness

Game one, Promotion

“Congratulation are in order, fellow fighters of Madness! Our exploits have not gone unnoticed, my friends! We have been authority over where we take this vessel of ours and what battles to fight. May the followers of Madness beware, for we being our hunt!” Kearmrithkorth first broadcast.

“Brother Warrior’s of Madness! We have achieved our first victory against Madness! It may have been small, but the grandest of battles are made of the smallest of skirmishes! They may have attacked our vessel, but we have shown them what comes from such foolish acts! May they bring an army worthy of us next time, instead of two fey-born warriors, so we may show our true metal and make them watch as we burn their army to ash!” Kearmrithkorth broadcast, shortly after the battle; he was currently ignoring the blindness, having complete faith in d’Cannith ability to cure it.


flamepheonix Cronix

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