Just making a page for this so I can add stuff as I think of it.

1) Also you guys are each going to get a special ability on top of your class/racial stuff, so start thinking about what you might like that to be.

2) You will all get 5000 xp to spend on spells. which is enough for one wish or a bunch of lesser Permanencied stuff. It assumed you would have aquired abilities like this on your trek to 20th level. these affects are assumed to be at the minimum caster level needed to achieve them

oh and on a side note remember permanencied stuff can be dispelled and one they are gone you have to pay the exp cost all over again to get them back. Just something to consider.

Also if your using the exp for a wish. you must stay to the designated effects for this one. (none of the greater power wishes that may be perverted)
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